This hybrid building form characterises the historical centres of most towns and cities in the Southeast Asia region, which is also the case in Singapore where there is a short history of its own building types. 
  The back-of-house and storage area was placed in the back, allowing the eatery to have maximum exposure of its internal activities to the street side.     
  True to its typology, Five & Dime Eatery has a narrow shop front and a deep rear. This allowed us to have the bar and seating area pushed to the front, with a large branding artwork installed in the front wall.  
  By maximizing the intelligence of digital software whilst making use of the materiality of everyday objects, the branding wall took on the intricacies of digital design but carried the touch of everyday warmth. 
  Details   For: Commissioned F&B, Singapore    Date: April 2015    Fabrication & Construction: LATECH Engineering  , Effulgent Builders
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