Places for sitting, storing, display, serving, and playing are embedded within the thickness of the wall system as it leads the residents into the home.
  The supple form greets visitors at the entry of the house providing a resting place to remove shoes, and a generous repository for keys, coats, bags, and mail. 
  The undulating forms are digitally fabricated with CNC technology, which allowed the bespoke system to be installed with minimal labor over the course of 1 week. 
  The thick concrete wall is represented as a single plane of interior surface. 
  The project thickens this plane into a functional volume, converting what had been a mere divider of habitat into a functional and habitable space for domestic life. 
  Details For: Commissioned Installation, Singapore  Date: April 2014   Top Installation: 8000 x 800 x 3000 mm Material: Plywood, Veneer & Steel, Interlocking Joints Process: Mapping, Sectional Deformation, Contouring, CNC Milling   Construction: Craftsmen Llp
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