As one walks towards the artwork, a change in multiple colors begin to take place, forming a dynamic relationship between the viewer and the artwork.
  Composition becomes the by-product of the effect and each visual reading of the artwork is different at any given angle. 
  The artwork measures 4 meters long by 2.6 meters tall and has a maximum depth of 0.25 meters. Comprised of over 1400 pieces of custom designed aluminum L-angles and C-channels, each piece is laser cut and V-die bent to precision and powder coated to specification. 
  Each of these elements are then assembled together onto large electro-galvanized steel panels. 
  Like a brush stroke, each element has its unique place in the artwork and an aggregation of these similar but different pieces begin to create a larger effect than itself.     Details   Patron: Association of Banks of Singapore   For: Art Installation   Date: April 2015 - Current
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